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Asimina Tours is an American-based travel company specializing in tailor-made trips to Greece, Italy, and Turkey.               We are expert travel advisors with terrific suggestions and recommendations ready to share with you.
We organize, plan and execute your "dream" vacation!

The most sought-after travel operators are those who can bring visitors into direct contact with local culture and people in a meaningful way. Our goal is to give you the experience to explore parts of the world you have only imagined and to do so with confidence and marvel. Every culture has its own personality. To begin to know it, one must slip beneath the surface of tourism.  From our family and team members, we wish to share this with you!

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Top 5 Reasons

  • ASTA Our membership with ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) an advocate for the travel industry, travel agents and the traveling public assures our credibility within the travel industry.
  • BBB Asimina Tours is a member of the Better Business Bureau with "A+" reviews!
  • You are never alone. Our representatives are there to offer assistance at all times. This is true for every country featured. Aid is only a phone call away 24/7.
  • Knowledge & Understanding Rest assured we know our product with over 25 years of experience.  We have a high level of expertise about the logistics, hotels, locations, excursions, attractions, food, and whatever other requests may come our way.
  • References Why take just our word? We can provide you with current client references who will give you feedback on their recent travel experiences using our services.

Asimina Tours - Travel Done Right

How do we create your journey?

  • Speak to an Expert Travel Advisor 
    Our travel advisors are genuine and have a passion for travel.   Most of us have lived or traveled extensively throughout Greece, Italy, and Turkey and have first-hand knowledge that we are excited to share with you.  

    We do this by first discussing your travel plans on the phone. 
    Yes, we prefer a phone conversation although if you prefer we can also communicate through email.  Discussing your travel expectations gives us a better feel of what you are looking to experience.  We will also never send you one size fits all types of quotes or travel packages. 
    With our expert advice, you'll have the perfect tailor-made curated vacation.
  • We will Plan and Refine 
    After your initial conversation, your personal travel advisor will then carefully design your trip into a detailed itinerary personalized just for you.  It will look like this CLICK HERE FOR ITINERARY SAMPLE

    We will also follow up with a phone discussion (or by email) as to why we chose the specific services and to ensure you understand your tailor-made vacation proposal and to answer your questions.

    Naturally, some adjustments may occur and we’ll keep perfecting your itinerary until you feel contented and all questions are answered at which point you’ll be ready to pay your deposit and confirm your trip.
  • It's Time to Prepare & Travel
    After your trip is confirmed and final payments are made it’s time to prepare.

    You will receive an impressive online travel document itinerary that will showcase your trip on a daily basis.  Your online travel document will include all aspects of your trip to include the services purchased such as hotels, transfers, tours flights, etc.   You will also receive details about your destination, personalized restaurant recommendations, and best of all you’ll be able to message us 24/7 while you are on your trip. In addition, you'll be able to print your online itinerary into a beautiful PDF file, or you can download it on your smart-phone and have access to it both offline or online while traveling.

    We will have a final discussion about 2-3 weeks prior to your trip and will review your travel documents together to ensure all your questions are answered.
  • Staying in Touch 
    Our service continues once you are on a flight traveling to your destination.   When you are overseas our local partners will be available for you 24/7. Don’t be surprised if you receive a phone call to see “how are you doing”.  Sometimes depending on the season, even your own personal travel advisor might be available to stop by and say hello in person.  We are there because we care.
  • Welcome Back 
    Our job is not done until your return back from your trip with amazing memories. 
    We will follow up to ensure your safe trip back home and to hear your very personable and positive feedback regarding your trip. Our job is not done until we hear rave reviews coming from you! 
Help me Plan my Trip

Defining Our Services

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    International and Domestic Air

    We work with all the major carriers and can get you the best available price to be included with your land package.

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    Independent Travel

    Asimina Tours specializes in Flexible Independent Travel (FIT) with one-stop convenience. We will take care of all your vacation requests such as Hotels, Transfers, Car Rentals, Sightseeing, Hydrofoil tickets, Cultural Performances, Wine Tasting, Cooking Classes, and more. Have Asimina Tours orchestrate the vacation of your dreams and spend your time enjoying your vacation rather than arranging it! After all, this is our specialty.

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    Private & Luxury Travel

    We have a solid reputation for managing numerous high-end types of luxury travel. For the discerning clients who want the absolute best and to the finest detail or even for those who are on a budget, our carefully selected private services will certainly meet your trip expectations.   Our appreciation for excellence derives from the quality and excellence earned for a job well done and all of it is done on a personal level.

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    We work with a collection of cruise lines that include the most popular itineraries visiting Mediterranean locations to Greece/Turkey and Italy.  Cruises range from 3/4/7/12 days or more. We can also include private & personalized shore excursions to each destination visited. Have Asimina Tours experienced personnel reveal the advantages of taking a cruise to the Greek Isles, Turkey and Italy for a memorable experience!

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    Yacht & Catamaran Charters

    Asimina Tours is here to organize the perfect yachting holiday for you. With our experience and network, we are happy to provide skippered and fully crewed yacht charters anywhere in Greece.  Don't have the time to rent a yacht for a week but still want to visit some of those incredible island beaches that are only accessible by boat? Our one-day sailing cruises are also the perfect solution! We also cater to special occasions such as celebrations or team building trips.  We offer only the finest yachts with top-quality equipment, the most professional service, and the most dedicated personnel in order for you to be entirely satisfied.

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    Group Travel

    Asimina Tours expertly organizes family reunions, small group vacations, small group corporate trip incentives.  We also offer two pre-arranged small group themed tours a year, organized by one of our family members or, well connected appointed hosts. Call us to arrange your next Group Travel.

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    Ancestry Travel and Genetic Exploration

    With genetic genealogy testing becoming significantly more accessible to millions of people worldwide, ancestry travel has become really important to many. You can now use your DNA to determine your next family holiday, visiting the places where once your ancestors once lived. Greece, Italy, and Turkey are countries that we can help you organize this very special vacation.

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    Destination Weddings

    Whether you are interested in a Civil Wedding, or a Vow Renewal Ceremony, Asimina Tours will be happy to provide all the information and care necessary to organize the ceremony of your dreams in Santorini. From the translation of documents to organizing the proper paperwork, your wedding plans are a piece of cake for Asimina Tours.

Find out how we started and why are we called Asimina Tours

A family-operated company based in the United States, with Greek roots! 
A real personal story about love, loss, separation, and a reunion 50 years later that finally closed the circle of uncertainty.   A timeline of private events that has a happy ending contributing to the birth of Asimina Tours.   

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    Stella Solomon

    9 Nov 1952

    Grandmother Stella Salomon begins her dynasty.    Having 2 children of her own (Richard and Irene) from a previous marriage, Stella gives birth to her third child, daughter Asimina Louisa Glinos from her second husband Louis Glinos.  Baby Asimina was born November 9, 1952.

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    Louis Glinos

    4 Oct 1957

    A few years later grandma Stella passes and Asimina is estranged with her father Louis Glinos and her two half siblings Richard and Irene.  

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    Baby Asimina

    4 Oct 1958

    As time went by, grandfather Louis remarried to his third wife.  Times were difficult and Richard and Irene were separated from baby Asimina who was estranged from the Solomon family for over 50 years! “I had lost my mother at a very young stage.  Thoughts that I may have two half siblings somewhere never ceasedsaid Asimina.

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    Petros and Asimina

    16 Jun 1971

    Asimina now at 19 years old met and married math professor Petros Gressis.   They met at Penn State University where Petros Gressis earned his Masters’ Degree in Physics and Mathematics.  After marrying they decided to move back to Greece.  They lived in Greece for a total of 16 years.  Asimina had 3 children, Stella (named after her late mother), Joseph and Dennis.  

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    Gressis siblings

    2 Jul 1987

    The Gressis family decided to come back to the USA and start their lives from the beginning. They wanted to live the American Dream!   
    Petros became the head of the math department at a major private school in Virginia.  Asimina worked various jobs and then devoted herself in to her children and eventually their businesses.  Grandfather Louis Glinos passed away and never gave any details regarding the long lost siblings of Asimina.  Each of Asimina’s children had unique qualities. Stella the eldest child decided to work in the tourism industry.  Joseph, was more interested in hands on type of things.  He opened up a Greek restaurant in Waldorf Maryland.   Dennis was the intellect of the family and followed his fathers’ footsteps and became a mathematician.

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    Stella and mom Asimina

    5 Dec 2005

    Stella (the eldest child), after having worked for the airlines for 10 years and after September 11th lost her job.  A year later she landed a job working for a small tour company located in Virginia.  Stella became a top sales person for travel to Greece and Turkey/Italy.  Two years later, Stella decided that she was ready to start her own business!  It took countless hours, tons of determination, and passion to make ends meet.   Stella decided to dedicate and name her tour company Asimina Tours, after her mother Asimina.   It was an honor and a way to say “THANK YOU MOM” for being there for me.  Since Asimina didn’t know what it was like to have a mother and never felt “the love of a mother”  it was another way for Stella to give back to her mom…..  Asimina Tours was born in 2005

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    Blast from the past

    22 Jul 2013

    The years passed and Asimina was always thinking of her long lost siblings.  Were they still alive?  Until the summer of 2013…….  An email was sent to the Asimina Tours website coming from a lady called Angela.  Angela was in search for her honeymoon travels and landed on the Asimina Tours website.  She wrote a detailed email about her honeymoon request and also on a personal level, stating that her father “Richard” and her aunt “Irene” were looking for their lost long sibling Asimina and that they tried to contact her through facebook.  The email had a brief description of Stella Solomon.  Could it be the Asimina they are looking for?   

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    Reunion 50 years later

    12 Oct 2013

    Contact information was included in the email and a polite request for an urgent reply because in case there was an error they would still want to keep searching…..  When the email reached Asimina Tours, Stella was astounded!!! She knew immediately what it was pertaining too.  Her mother happened to be close by  “Mom” Stella said,  “Please come here I want to read you this email……..” 

    The children now grown up adults were re-united in October of 2013 at Angela’s wedding in Virginia….. it was a dream come true and an ending to the uncertainty……

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    21 Oct 2017

    Asimina and her siblings see each other every year.  Richard and Irene live in Las Vegas and Asimina lives in Maryland in the winter and Greece in the summer.  Every year they try to spend their vacations together in Greece.  Asimina known as “Louisa” works for Asimina Tours. 

    Stella the owner of Asimina Tours met Dimitri in Santorini during a hotel inspection in the summer of 2009.  She married in July 2014 and now have a son baby Antonio.  They run Asimina Tours together. 

A Team of Genuine Travel Experts

When you plan your trip with us, you'll be in the safe hands of one of our specialists throughout the journey.

While many travel companies claim to have experts, we believe few, if any, match our specialists for genuine first-hand knowledge. The travel advisor who designs your trip, like all of our travel advisors, will hold a strong connection to the country they have expertise in because either they have lived there or they have explored it time and time again.   

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Stella Gressis


Hello! My name is Stella Gressis and I am the founder of Asimina Tours.  
Born and raised in Greece, my family decided to return back to the USA  when I was young to better our family and experience the American dream! When in the USA, I always experienced the nostalgia of returning back to Greece. Traveling and culture has always been strong interests of mine.  

After graduating from a specialized travel school in Pennsylvania,  I immediately secured a position with a major airline where I held supervisory positions at National and Dulles airports and in marketing & sales positions in Pennsylvania. My career in the airline industry lasted for 10 beautiful years which gave me the opportunity to learn many aspects of the travel industry and to travel extensively to many parts of the world and to my motherland, Greece. 

Thereafter, I expanded my travel knowledge by working at a tour company which broadened my horizons in the travel industry as a whole. This was the time that I finally decided to start something of my own. My experience in the travel industry, my appreciation for culture, and joy in planning vacations (especially to Greece) inspired me to create Asimina Tours.  Please read "our story” for the reason why I called it Asimina Tours.  I can't say it's been easy but my passion and dedication to Asimina Tours brings it to what the business is today!  A very successful travel company comprised of very dedicated and passionate team members (and some family members) that really care about what they do. 

On a personal level, I am happily married to Dimitri Tzimos who also works for Asimina Tours. We met on the island of Santorini in May 2009 (who would have known you could meet your husband on a honeymoon island, right?)  and a couple of years later we got married.  We have a beautiful son together, baby Antonio, we love spending time raising him.  Another passion of mine is food, and cooking is a skill that I am working on perfecting!

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Dimitri Tzimos

Marketing & Sales Executive

Hello, my name is Dimitri Tzimos and I am the marketing and sales executive with Asimina Tours. I have been in the Hospitality and Hotel Management industry for well over 25 years, having graduated in Greece from TEI College of Finance and Administration with a major in Tourism.  The majority of my experience comes from managing boutique hotels on the famous Caldera cliff side on the island of Santorini.


Meeting Stella a few years back, made us realize that our travel industry expertise from the airlines, tour companies, and hotel and service management combined with our strong passion for travel and our work ethics could greatly enhance Asimina Tours. Therefore we decided to join forces to help Asimina Tours grow as a business to what it is today. 


On a personal level being the traditional Greek that I am, I continually thrive in finding unique travel and cultural experiences that are off the beaten path, in which I ensure is all shared with you.


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Louisa Gressis

Senior Travel Advisor

While on your travels throughout Greece,Turkey and Italy, allow Louisa (Asimina) Gressis, for whom the company is named after, to be your reliable and knowledgeable travel advisor. Louisa travels to Greece and to Turkey from April to October and can provide an abundance of information for each country. 


In the winter time and during her off time, you'll find Louisa teaching authentic Greek cooking classes at Galazio (her own restaurant) in La Plata, Maryland.


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Panos Exarchos

Travel Advisor

Hello, my name is Panos Exarchos, I am Greek Canadian and a dedicated travel advisor for Asimina Tours! I have a college degree in Marketing Management from the American College of Greece and have had a successful career in Greek Television and Theater as a screenwriter. Now I spend my time planning your dream vacations with Asimina Tours!

I started working with Asimina Tours a few years back. The reason is actually simple - ever since I was young "travel" has been my passion. I have traveled extensively for years in Europe and the US. I have explored and stayed all over Greece and especially in the Greek islands.  Working for Asimina Tours gives me the chance to spend every summer in the magical island of Santorini and the gorgeous Aegean islands. 

“Life can’t get any better" do you agree? 

Typically I travel at least once a year on a transatlantic trip to the USA which is my favorite country. Sharing my insight, knowledge and experience to help my clients create fantastic memories is one of the most fulfilling sentiments for me.  Nothing makes me happier than clients’ e-mails and messages upon their return back home telling me that they had a great, once in a lifetime, vacation.  Knowing that I played a small part of their unforgettable and successful trip experience brings a huge smile in my face and a warmth in my heart.

Besides travel, I love my friends who I consider my family, animals (especially dogs!), Theater, Movies, American TV shows, all Apple products, reading books and spending as much time as possible in my beloved New York City!

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    Moema Professor

    Accounts Executive

    Hello! My name is Moema Professor and I work as an Accounts Executive for Asimina Tours! 
    I graduated from the Federal University of Sergipe, in Brazil, and became a dentist.  I did this for a few years but this career path was not fulfilling me personally. I decided to make a big change in my life and find what made me “happy”.  


    Some of the things I enjoyed were travel, culture, food, children, and family time.  I spent time at a close friend's house and got to experience what is life like in the USA.    While in the USA I met Stella, the owner of Asimina Tours.


    Working for Asimina Tours  “felt right” and it was exactly what I was looking to do in life.  Since I love Culture, travel, great food, and “family”, Asimina Tours was the perfect fit for me. 


    I have been in the travel industry for a few years now working with suppliers in Greece, Italy, and Turkey and traveling as often as I can. I am loving every minute of it!


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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    We want to thank our previous clients who have provided us with countless pictures that you'll find throughout our website and on Facebook! Below you'll also see testimonials from our clients describing their vacation adventures and explorations this past year. It is your positive words and feedback that drives us to provide you with specialized itineraries based on your needs and wants, to assure you the best of times!


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    Popular Questions

    • How long have you been in business?

      Asimina Tours was established since 2005 and has been in business for 16 years.

    • Where are your travel advisors and Asimina Tours located?

      Asimina Tours physical location and our headquarters are located in the state of Maryland and all transactions take place in the United States.

      Our travel advisors are home-based.  Thanks to the internet we are able to travel and can work virtually as well.  Don't be surprised if you talk to your travel advisor that may be located in either the USA or Canada or even Greece or Italy or Turkey.  Regardless of location, we are very proud to be an American based tour company conducting business in the USA.

    • When I call Asimina Tours is it a local US phone number?

      Regardless of where our travel advisors are located when you call Asimina Tours you call the United States to either our toll free eight hundred number or our local Maryland phone number.

      Toll Free:  877 833-3454
      Local Maryland Phone Number:  301 789-2388 and then your agents extension

    • When is a good time for me to get in touch?

      It's best to set a phone appointment with your travel advisor at a time that mutually benefits both.  In addition for group travel, we can also set up a conference call to include different parts of the country (USA/Canada) so we can have a group discussion as well.  

      Communication for Asimina Tours is very important to ensure that we have a good feel of what you are looking to experience and to share with you what best fits your travel needs.

    • Which hotels or accommodations do you recommend?

      Once your travel advisor assesses your needs and creates your travel itinerary quote all details of your accommodations, their websites, types of rooms etc. will be included.

      Unlike many travel companies we are not restricted to a handful of preselected and pre-negotiated hotel choices to create pre-packaged vacations. 
      We work with the majority of the hotels “directly” and in some instances we may have favorite hotels that we may recommend.  
      Our direct collaborations help us receive the best pricing possible and it builds our brands’ trust and acknowledgement which ultimately concludes in our clients personal and best service!

    • Why no pricing on your website?

      Do you prefer 5-star luxury resorts or smaller boutique hotels? Perhaps you’d like to mix things up with a simple hotel in one area but then follow that up with a few days of pampered self-indulgence in more luxurious surroundings? What about activities? You may like more activities in one location or less in another.  As you see not one trip is alike therefore we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all types of itineraries with pre-arranged activities hotels and pricing.   The beauty of a tailor made vacation is created ideally just for you at your travel budget!

    • Are your prices competitive?

      Yes because we work with the majority of our suppliers directly therefore eliminating third parties and earning competitive rates.

    • What is the currency for price quotes?

      All prices of all quotes are in USD

      Because of the euro being volatile we use an average euro exchange rate to create your tailor-made travel packages. The trip quotes are proposed to you in USD as they are already converted for you.  All transactions take place in the USA eliminating questions about pricing and all prices are in USD.  A price quote is valid for 7 days from the time of proposal because of the fluctuation of the currency. Upon a deposit, the price of the quote is locked eliminating any further changes to the pricing of your itinerary. 

    • Can you make trip adjustments after the first quote?

      Yes, we make the adjustments within reason.  After your quote it may take up to 2 times maximum to adjust your trip.  If  more adjustments need to take place then the non-refundable plan 2 go fee will be requested and a $100 per adjustment fee will be applied to your itinerary/quote.

    • Are there fees involved on a trip quote?

      We are proud to offer you our professional expertise for your tailor-made travel to ensure your travels are as seamless and trouble-free as possible. A non-refundable plan-to-go fee of $375 is included in your itinerary/quote and is not associated with commissions.  Depending on the itinerary/quote, the non-refundable plan-to-go fee may be requested to be paid upfront before sending an itinerary/quote. 

      Our custom tour services are tailored to your interests and personal schedule and are not part of a pre-packaged tour.  These are fee-based services, which include individualized tour planning and communication. The plan-to-go fee covers our associated costs and the time we invest in researching all available possibilities to make your vacation the most enjoyable.  

      Your itinerary quote and invoice also indicate the plan-to-go fee.

    • How do you get paid?

      We earn our income by negotiating special net rates as a wholesale tour company with the hotels and suppliers.  Our pre-negotiated wholesale contracts allow us to receive competitive pricing.  Due to the volume and our excellent financial relationship with our suppliers our clients benefit from the competitive rates plus our service.  We in turn earn our commission and the hotels and suppliers get their services sold as well.  It's a win/win/win for everyone.

    • Can I get a price breakdown of my quote?

      We are a Travel Operating Company providing complete tailor-made land packages and are bound by confidentiality agreements with our suppliers. We do not itemize services.  This is a standard practice in the travel industry, whether it’s a pre-packaged group tour or a custom tailor made package as in your case. We act as your one-stop shop, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of searching and booking and paying each aspect of your trip separately.  

      With your itinerary/quote, we do provide hotel web links and the types of rooms quoted so you can at have an idea about hotel costs which account for the majority of your itinerary/quote. In addition, we regularly check that the overall price/quote is competitive with online rates.   When comparing prices, keep in mind that our prices already include taxes and fees and are in USD (dollars).  Some hotels sometimes offer special online deals that may be fully non-refundable and fully pre-paid in advance.  In such cases, if you wish to qualify for such restrictive rates please advise your travel advisor.  

      Lastly, when you book through Asimina Tours you also receive top notch customer service that you would not get via other online agencies. 
      This includes
      * Expert advice pre-trip planning
      * 24X7 phone support should any problems arise during your travel
      * Due to our long-term volume relationships with hotels and suppliers, if last-minute upgrades are available, you will get a better chance at free upgrades!

    • How do I book my trip?

      Once you discuss your travel plans with your travel advisor you will receive an itinerary quote.  Once you have done all the necessary adjustments and you are in agreement with everything the next process is the booking process.  
      * Your itinerary is "on request" basis until you advise your travel advisor that you are ready to book.
      * Your travel advisor will then confirm all services prior to a deposit
      * Once all services are confirmed then a 25% deposit is required
      * When the deposit is received you'll receive all reconfirmations and a date of final payment which is 60 days prior to your trip
      * 60 days prior to your trip you'll make your final payment
      * Approximately 3 weeks prior to your trip you'll receive your electronic travel documents.  
      * You'll set up a time to discuss your travel documents and to answer any questions prior to your travels
      * While you are traveling you have 24/7 support from your travel advisor
      * Our job is not complete until you return back to the USA with rave reviews!

    • Do I earn points if I book through you?

      Asimina Tours is classified as a TRAVEL COMPANY with an  MCC CODE of 4722

      This means that the way we are “coded” on the credit card processors system we are classified as a TRAVEL COMPANY providing travel information and booking services. 

      This means that when you pay by credit card your purchase will be acknowledged as a “TRAVEL PURCHASE” which means that depending on your credit card agreement you may be eligible to earn points.

    • Now that all is paid what’s next?

      60 days prior to your trip you'll make your final payment.
      * Approximately 2 - 3 weeks prior to your trip you'll receive your electronic travel documents
      * Electronic travel documents include: Your itinerary, Your Invoice, Electronic Ticket Receipts, Local Destination Information, Our favorite restaurant recommendations
      * You'll set up a time to discuss your travel documents and to answer any questions prior to your travels
      * While you are traveling you have 24/7 support from your travel advisor
      * Our job is not complete until you return back to the USA with rave reviews!

    • Do you offer travel insurance?

      Insurance is very important to cover your trip investment in case of trip cancellation or interruption.  We offer Travelex travel insurance:

      When you visit this web-page you may insert your information

      * The departure dates should be the dates of travel starting from the USA
      * You’ll insert your ages and state of residency
      * The trip cost per person in which you may add the cost of the airline tickets so this way you could be covered for air/land.

      Once you enter all this information you’ll be taken to the next page which will show you the various plans and their details.

      Once you purchase travel insurance you’ll receive an e-mail with all the details or your purchase.

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    Our travel advisors will create a unique tailor made itinerary just for you!



    We don’t believe in one size fits all types of travel packages

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    • A trip quote is created and personalized just for you! Adjustments of your trip may be done accordingly.
    • Once you book your trip you’ll have 24/7 support up until your return with rave reviews!

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