Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long have you been in business?

    Asimina Tours was established since 2005 and has been in business for 16 years.

  • Where are your travel advisors and Asimina Tours located?

    Asimina Tours physical location and our headquarters are located in the state of Maryland and all transactions take place in the United States.

    Our travel advisors are home-based.  Thanks to the internet we are able to travel and can work virtually as well.  Don't be surprised if you talk to your travel advisor that may be located in either the USA or Canada or even Greece or Italy or Turkey.  Regardless of location, we are very proud to be an American based tour company conducting business in the USA.

  • When I call Asimina Tours is it a local US phone number?

    Regardless of where our travel advisors are located when you call Asimina Tours you call the United States to either our toll free eight hundred number or our local Maryland phone number.

    Toll Free:  877 833-3454
    Local Maryland Phone Number:  301 789-2388 and then your agents extension

  • When is a good time for me to get in touch?

    It's best to set a phone appointment with your travel advisor at a time that mutually benefits both.  In addition for group travel, we can also set up a conference call to include different parts of the country (USA/Canada) so we can have a group discussion as well.  

    Communication for Asimina Tours is very important to ensure that we have a good feel of what you are looking to experience and to share with you what best fits your travel needs.

  • Which hotels or accommodations do you recommend?

    Once your travel advisor assesses your needs and creates your travel itinerary quote all details of your accommodations, their websites, types of rooms etc. will be included.

    Unlike many travel companies we are not restricted to a handful of preselected and pre-negotiated hotel choices to create pre-packaged vacations. 
    We work with the majority of the hotels “directly” and in some instances we may have favorite hotels that we may recommend.  
    Our direct collaborations help us receive the best pricing possible and it builds our brands’ trust and acknowledgement which ultimately concludes in our clients personal and best service!

  • Why no pricing on your website?

    Do you prefer 5-star luxury resorts or smaller boutique hotels? Perhaps you’d like to mix things up with a simple hotel in one area but then follow that up with a few days of pampered self-indulgence in more luxurious surroundings? What about activities? You may like more activities in one location or less in another.  As you see not one trip is alike therefore we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all types of itineraries with pre-arranged activities hotels and pricing.   The beauty of a tailor made vacation is created ideally just for you at your travel budget!

  • Are your prices competitive?

    Yes because we work with the majority of our suppliers directly therefore eliminating third parties and earning competitive rates.

  • What is the currency for price quotes?

    All prices of all quotes are in USD

    Because of the euro being volatile we use an average euro exchange rate to create your tailor-made travel packages. The trip quotes are proposed to you in USD as they are already converted for you.  All transactions take place in the USA eliminating questions about pricing and all prices are in USD.  A price quote is valid for 7 days from the time of proposal because of the fluctuation of the currency. Upon a deposit, the price of the quote is locked eliminating any further changes to the pricing of your itinerary. 

  • Can you make trip adjustments after the first quote?

    Yes, we make the adjustments within reason.  After your quote it may take up to 2 times maximum to adjust your trip.  If  more adjustments need to take place then the non-refundable plan 2 go fee will be requested and a $100 per adjustment fee will be applied to your itinerary/quote.

  • Are there fees involved on a trip quote?

    We are proud to offer you our professional expertise for your tailor-made travel to ensure your travels are as seamless and trouble-free as possible. A non-refundable plan-to-go fee of $375 is included in your itinerary/quote and is not associated with commissions.  Depending on the itinerary/quote, the non-refundable plan-to-go fee may be requested to be paid upfront before sending an itinerary/quote. 

    Our custom tour services are tailored to your interests and personal schedule and are not part of a pre-packaged tour.  These are fee-based services, which include individualized tour planning and communication. The plan-to-go fee covers our associated costs and the time we invest in researching all available possibilities to make your vacation the most enjoyable.  

    Your itinerary quote and invoice also indicate the plan-to-go fee.

  • How do you get paid?

    We earn our income by negotiating special net rates as a wholesale tour company with the hotels and suppliers.  Our pre-negotiated wholesale contracts allow us to receive competitive pricing.  Due to the volume and our excellent financial relationship with our suppliers our clients benefit from the competitive rates plus our service.  We in turn earn our commission and the hotels and suppliers get their services sold as well.  It's a win/win/win for everyone.

  • Can I get a price breakdown of my quote?

    We are a Travel Operating Company providing complete tailor-made land packages and are bound by confidentiality agreements with our suppliers. We do not itemize services.  This is a standard practice in the travel industry, whether it’s a pre-packaged group tour or a custom tailor made package as in your case. We act as your one-stop shop, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of searching and booking and paying each aspect of your trip separately.  

    With your itinerary/quote, we do provide hotel web links and the types of rooms quoted so you can at have an idea about hotel costs which account for the majority of your itinerary/quote. In addition, we regularly check that the overall price/quote is competitive with online rates.   When comparing prices, keep in mind that our prices already include taxes and fees and are in USD (dollars).  Some hotels sometimes offer special online deals that may be fully non-refundable and fully pre-paid in advance.  In such cases, if you wish to qualify for such restrictive rates please advise your travel advisor.  

    Lastly, when you book through Asimina Tours you also receive top notch customer service that you would not get via other online agencies. 
    This includes
    * Expert advice pre-trip planning
    * 24X7 phone support should any problems arise during your travel
    * Due to our long-term volume relationships with hotels and suppliers, if last-minute upgrades are available, you will get a better chance at free upgrades!

  • How do I book my trip?

    Once you discuss your travel plans with your travel advisor you will receive an itinerary quote.  Once you have done all the necessary adjustments and you are in agreement with everything the next process is the booking process.  
    * Your itinerary is "on request" basis until you advise your travel advisor that you are ready to book.
    * Your travel advisor will then confirm all services prior to a deposit
    * Once all services are confirmed then a 25% deposit is required
    * When the deposit is received you'll receive all reconfirmations and a date of final payment which is 60 days prior to your trip
    * 60 days prior to your trip you'll make your final payment
    * Approximately 3 weeks prior to your trip you'll receive your electronic travel documents.  
    * You'll set up a time to discuss your travel documents and to answer any questions prior to your travels
    * While you are traveling you have 24/7 support from your travel advisor
    * Our job is not complete until you return back to the USA with rave reviews!

  • Do I earn points if I book through you?

    Asimina Tours is classified as a TRAVEL COMPANY with an  MCC CODE of 4722

    This means that the way we are “coded” on the credit card processors system we are classified as a TRAVEL COMPANY providing travel information and booking services. 

    This means that when you pay by credit card your purchase will be acknowledged as a “TRAVEL PURCHASE” which means that depending on your credit card agreement you may be eligible to earn points.

  • Now that all is paid what’s next?

    60 days prior to your trip you'll make your final payment.
    * Approximately 2 - 3 weeks prior to your trip you'll receive your electronic travel documents
    * Electronic travel documents include: Your itinerary, Your Invoice, Electronic Ticket Receipts, Local Destination Information, Our favorite restaurant recommendations
    * You'll set up a time to discuss your travel documents and to answer any questions prior to your travels
    * While you are traveling you have 24/7 support from your travel advisor
    * Our job is not complete until you return back to the USA with rave reviews!

  • Do you offer travel insurance?

    Insurance is very important to cover your trip investment in case of trip cancellation or interruption.  We offer Travelex travel insurance:

    When you visit this web-page you may insert your information

    * The departure dates should be the dates of travel starting from the USA
    * You’ll insert your ages and state of residency
    * The trip cost per person in which you may add the cost of the airline tickets so this way you could be covered for air/land.

    Once you enter all this information you’ll be taken to the next page which will show you the various plans and their details.

    Once you purchase travel insurance you’ll receive an e-mail with all the details or your purchase.

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