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Asimina Tours is an American-based travel company specializing in tailor-made trips to Greece, Italy, and Turkey.               We are expert travel advisors with terrific suggestions and recommendations ready to share with you.
We organize, plan and execute your "dream" vacation!

The most sought-after travel operators are those who can bring visitors into direct contact with local culture and people in a meaningful way. Our goal is to give you the experience to explore parts of the world you have only imagined and to do so with confidence and marvel. Every culture has its own personality. To begin to know it, one must slip beneath the surface of tourism.  From our family and team members, we wish to share this with you!

Our Services
Our Services

Top 5 Reasons

  • ASTA Our membership with ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) an advocate for the travel industry, travel agents and the traveling public assures our credibility within the travel industry.
  • BBB Asimina Tours is a member of the Better Business Bureau with "A+" reviews!
  • You are never alone Our representatives are there to offer assistance at all times. This is true for every country featured.  Assistance is only a phone call away 24/7.
  • Knowledge & Understanding Rest assured we know our product with over 25 years of experience.  We have a high level of expertise with regard to the logistics, hotels, locations, excursions, attractions, food, and whatever other requests may come our way.
  • References Why take just our word? We can provide you with current client references who will give you feedback on their recent travel experiences using our services.

Asimina Tours - Travel Done Right

How do we create your journey?

  • Speak to an Expert Travel Advisor 
    Our travel advisors are genuine and have a passion for travel.   Most of us have lived or traveled extensively throughout Greece, Italy, and Turkey and have first-hand knowledge that we are excited to share with you.  

    We do this by first discussing your travel plans on the phone. 
    Yes, we prefer a phone conversation although if you prefer we can also communicate through email.  Discussing your travel expectations gives us a better feel of what you are looking to experience.  We will also never send you one size fits all types of quotes or travel packages. 
    With our expert advice, you'll have the perfect tailor-made curated vacation.
  • We will Plan and Refine 
    After your initial conversation, your personal travel advisor will then carefully design your trip into a detailed itinerary personalized just for you.  It will look like this CLICK HERE FOR ITINERARY SAMPLE

    We will also follow up with a phone discussion (or by email) as to why we chose the specific services and to ensure you understand your tailor-made vacation proposal and to answer your questions.

    Naturally, some adjustments may occur and we’ll keep perfecting your itinerary until you feel contented and all questions are answered at which point you’ll be ready to pay your deposit and confirm your trip.
  • It's Time to Prepare & Travel
    After your trip is confirmed and final payments are made it’s time to prepare.

    You will receive an impressive online travel document itinerary that will showcase your trip on a daily basis.  Your online travel document will include all aspects of your trip to include the services purchased such as hotels, transfers, tours flights, etc.   You will also receive details about your destination, personalized restaurant recommendations, and best of all you’ll be able to message us 24/7 while you are on your trip. In addition, you'll be able to print your online itinerary into a beautiful PDF file, or you can download it on your smart-phone and have access to it both offline or online while traveling.

    We will have a final discussion about 2-3 weeks prior to your trip and will review your travel documents together to ensure all your questions are answered.
  • Staying in Touch 
    Our service continues once you are on a flight traveling to your destination.   When you are overseas our local partners will be available for you 24/7. Don’t be surprised if you receive a phone call to see “how are you doing”.  Sometimes depending on the season, even your own personal travel advisor might be available to stop by and say hello in person.  We are there because we care.
  • Welcome Back 
    Our job is not done until your return back from your trip with amazing memories. 
    We will follow up to ensure your safe trip back home and to hear your very personable and positive feedback regarding your trip. Our job is not done until we hear rave reviews coming from you! 
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Defining our Services

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    International and Domestic Air

    We work with all the major carriers and can get you the best available price to be included with your land package.

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    Independent Travel

    Asimina Tours specializes in Flexible Independent Travel (FIT) with one-stop convenience. We will take care of all your vacation requests such as Hotels, Transfers, Car Rentals, Sightseeing, Hydrofoil tickets, Cultural Performances, Wine Tasting, Cooking Classes, and more. Have Asimina Tours orchestrate the vacation of your dreams and spend your time enjoying your vacation rather than arranging it! After all, this is our specialty.

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    Private & Luxury Travel

    We have a solid reputation for managing numerous high-end types of luxury travel. For the discerning clients who want the absolute best and to the finest detail or even for those who are on a budget, our carefully selected private services will certainly meet your trip expectations.   Our appreciation for excellence derives from the quality and excellence earned for a job well done and all of it is done on a personal level.

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    We work with a collection of cruise lines that include the most popular itineraries visiting Mediterranean locations to Greece/Turkey and Italy.  Cruises range from 3/4/7/12 days or more. We can also include private & personalized shore excursions to each destination visited. Have Asimina Tours experienced personnel reveal the advantages of taking a cruise to the Greek Isles, Turkey and Italy for a memorable experience!

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    Yacht & Catamaran Charters

    Asimina Tours is here to organize the perfect yachting holiday for you. With our experience and network, we are happy to provide skippered and fully crewed yacht charters anywhere in Greece.  Don't have the time to rent a yacht for a week but still want to visit some of those incredible island beaches that are only accessible by boat? Our one-day sailing cruises are also the perfect solution! We also cater to special occasions such as celebrations or team building trips.  We offer only the finest yachts with top-quality equipment, the most professional service, and the most dedicated personnel in order for you to be entirely satisfied.

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    Group Travel

    Asimina Tours expertly organizes family reunions, small group vacations, small group corporate trip incentives.  We also offer two pre-arranged small group themed tours a year, organized by one of our family members or, well connected appointed hosts. Call us to arrange your next Group Travel.

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    Ancestry Travel and Genetic Exploration

    With genetic genealogy testing becoming significantly more accessible to millions of people worldwide, ancestry travel has become really important to many. You can now use your DNA to determine your next family holiday, visiting the places where once your ancestors once lived. Greece, Italy, and Turkey are countries that we can help you organize this very special vacation.

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    Destination Weddings

    Whether you are interested in a Civil Wedding, or a Vow Renewal Ceremony, Asimina Tours will be happy to provide all the information and care necessary to organize the ceremony of your dreams in Santorini. From the translation of documents to organizing the proper paperwork, your wedding plans are a piece of cake for Asimina Tours.

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