Crete - Rethymno
Old Town Charm

Rethymnon is the most well-preserved Venetian old town throughout all of Crete! Whether you're looking to walk along the narrow streets, see the 17th-century fountain of Rimondi or just hang out by the sandy beaches, this port town has it all! Check out our unique activities from Rethymnon and trip ideas to inspire your dream vacation! 

Crete - Rethymno
Trip Ideas

Rethymno is the third largest city in Crete and is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. The city attracts tourists from all over during the summer period. With a great history of more than 4500 years, the cultural identity has been shaped through many civilizations, including the Roman and Byzantine. 

The Venetian Castle of Fortezza is a unique monument that sits atop the hill of Palaiokastro, in the heart of the city. It is known as a landmark of Rethymno. The construction of the castle started in the late 1500s when pirates started to invade. The city includes a number of well-maintained buildings, a church, a hospital, shelters, as well as residencies. The Fortezza hosts many cultural events every summer that bring everyone from locals to tourists.

Being located right on the coast, there are many beaches in Rethymno. The beach of Rethymno is a long sandy beach that starts from the city of Rethymno and ends in the area of Skaleta. Those who enjoy water sports should visit Plakias. A must visit is the secluded beach of Triopetra, about 50 kilometers south of Rethymno, this beach will offer you the relaxation you've dreamed about!

The best time to visit Rethymno is year-round


The Island Crete - Rethymnon Port Town

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