Rome Street & Urban Art Tour
3 Hours

An unusual tour of Rome to discover its suburbs where a new form of art has recently captured the attention of many visitors.The city of Rome is one of the most interesting destinations for street art. The range of work in the city is ever growing, from established works that have been in the city for many years, to new works that materialize overnight in various parts of town. The ancient and Eternal City, where time and the history of humanity has marked itself upon every corner of its walls, has now become one of the centers of contemporary and urban art. It is the first Italian city home to an influx of international artists such as Clemes Behr, Herbert Baglione, MOMO, and many Italian artists, more specifically Romans such as Alice Pasquini, Sten Lex, Augustine Lacurci, Jerico and Hitnes.

Tour includes: 
  • Private Tour
  • See the street art of Rome and the suburban areas.
  • Private Vehicle with Driver
  • Expert English-speaking Guide




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