Galazio Restaurant Savings
Promo Code Galazio$375

Your electronic receipt from Galazio Restaurant (our other family-owned business), earns you $375 credit towards your trip to Greece, Italy, or Turkey. 

Promo Code Galazio$375 Restrictions apply.
This promotional code is valid for our Galazio customers.  A valid dining electronic receipt must be submitted to your travel advisor when purchasing a trip to Greece, Italy, or Turkey with Asimina Tours.  Your Galazio receipt of $100 or more earns you $325 off your trip to be applied toward your booking.  Your receipt must be validated in 2023, and your special $375 savings will count towards a trip valid till October 31, 2024.   The $375 applies for bookings valid for land arrangments of $5,000 total or more.  This promo code is non-transferable, and your name on the Galazio receipt must match one of the names of the travel itinerary booking. This offer is valid for Waldorf, La Plata, and Charles County Residents only.

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