Welcome Back from Greece Brookhill Group
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Welcome Back from Greece Brookhill Group

Hello Brookhill School.  Welcome back from your educational and fun vacation trip to Greece!

Asimina Tours prepared a tailor-made 8-day school vacation to Greece!
The group visited the following:
- The group visited the Acropolis and the new museum.   In the afternoon they explored Athens by foot and enjoyed a fun cultural food walking tour.

Delphi - The next day the group visited Delphi known as the navel of the earth. They also explored nearby Arahova village. 

Day Cruise - The group visited the nearby islands of Hydra Poros and Aegina! 

Nauplion - The group continued to Nauplion and spent 4 nights visiting the nearby sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus.  Of course, Ancient Corinth was a must visit known for where St. Paul lived and preached for years.  This was a highlight since this is a religious school!

The group ended their vacation with a safe trip back home to the USA with fond memories of their time in Greece!


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